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Marketplace Manager
Localisation talent
Paris, Île-de-France, France
Marketplace Manager
Increase Spareka marketshares on 15 marketplaces • Monitor on a daily basis the Marketplaces P&L, to reach Net Turnover (+5M€) & Gross Margin targets • Successfully manage stock and dynamic pricing strategy to optimize BuyBox ownership on +1.8M offers • Open 5 marketplaces & create +350k offers • Recruit and manage a team of 2 • Improve flow stability and health
E-commerce Consultant
Identify growth opportunities & define roadmaps for our clients. • Follow-up and optimise the overall performance in terms of P&L and operational KPIs for key accounts & SMEs in various sectors (Coty, SEB, Silverlit, ...) e.g. change from Vendor (B2B) to Marketplace (B2C) • Google Data Studio reporting automation | 3h saved per client per month • Strong and recognised Amazon Vendor Central expertise e.g. Managed multiple training sessions to improve client’s expertise
E-commerce Key Account Manager
Collaborate with clients’ expert teams to implement strategies & reach targets on key accounts. • Direct management of a team of 2 • Report and plan the budget for the year: 250k€ marketing budget • In charge of product placement & influencer relationships (1M views on Youtube)
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