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CEO d'une startup deeptech, appliquant les dernières avancées en confidential computing pour sécuriser le déploiement de modèles d'IA
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Paris, Île-de-France, France
Mithril Security
- Leads the development of a state of the art AI inference server for confidential data, requiring software engineering, cyber-security and data science expertise - Manages a team of 7 people from technical experts to business developers, and provides vision for the project - Manages the product, turns market insights and customer feedback into technical features
Data Scientist
Naox Technologies
Setup of a backend REST API in Python, to manage EEGs, stored in Azure Mongo DB and Blob storage, connected to a Dashboard in Dash. Developed a framework around Fastai and Pytorch to make the training of unsupervised models easier by customizing the training loop, and wrote a Medium article to share results.
mithril security
Date de création
October 1, 2020
Marché ou cible adressée
Déploiement de modèles d'IA sur données confidentielles
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AI has been the major trend that has emerged in the recent decade. It is progressively impacting all aspects of our lives, from health, speech-to-text to facial recognition. However in practice, AI adoption has been difficult. On one side we have innovative companies developing AI solutions willing to provide their model as Saas. On the other side there are several obstacles : - Heavy regulation, especially regarding health or biometric data - Data confidentiality : companies wanting to use these AI as a Service are not willing to expose their confidential data Mithril Security helps AI developers protect their clients’ data, using a secure AI inference server. Our technology allows end users to benefit from the AI predictions, without ever disclosing their data in clear thanks to end-to-end encryption.
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